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Poster: Time Traveller Date: Apr 22, 2010 10:17pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Is Adobe Flash going to be redundant?

maybe so,

but that is how piracy is ruining the system.

Okay, when people dont get paid, no more block buster movies.

No such content on Cable TV, no more Cable TV.

People have to eat, therefore they wont work for carrot slices. (Carrot Slices====used to hear that from my Dutch parents, meaning fake or imaginary gold coins)

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Poster: garthus Date: Apr 23, 2010 6:08am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Is Adobe Flash going to be redundant?

Peter, the system which you seem to like at times, but not at other times, exists to propagate the degenate and parisitic type of indivdidual who needs this type of government to survive. The world will not end if we stopped feeding parasites, the tapeworm will simply be expelled from the body politic. We had done quite well up until 1989, with the original copyright laws. A time when art really was art and politicians actually performed public service.


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Poster: Time Traveller Date: Apr 23, 2010 8:18pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Is Adobe Flash going to be redundant?

Somebody must like the works of Art the parasites turn out and copyright, otherwise there would be no return for the parasites.

1, you and me are old, yes, it was great when we were young.

2, then all this technology came along, perfect digital copying, no more analogue copies of analogue copies or originals. Then the same technology allows ANYBODY to publish their works of art.

On the moving pictures archive there are people downloading PD stuff, then splitting up into clips, mixing together, new sound track and uploading as a new work of art.

3, you and me are fighting a lost cause, without working copy right laws, the quality of works of art is going downhill, and you Gerry must be aware that even publishers with legal departments are fighting a lost cause protecting their copy rights.


Publishers give up on copyright.

Authors will then no longer have the time to put into their works of art as they also have a full time job to earn money to live on, and for example Tom Clancy without copyright protection might still put the same research into a best seller, but take years longer to produce each best seller, with the result the junk books vastly out number the great books.

That would be a loss to society and to the future as Tom Clancy like the rest of us, has a limited use by date, a limited writing life before he gets too old.